previous commissions

Cover art and animation for the single 'Something More'

Client - Solina Yassin 'Dj Seduce'

"Sofia is an absolutely incredible visual designer - she has an eye for what is aesthetically pleasing, she is very responsive in collaborations and meticulous in her work. She's made two different music covers for me which I was very happy with. She is also flexible and versatile in her artistic expression. I can highly recommend Sofia!"

Vinyl cover for the EP 'MY MACHINE'

Client - Tentaghoul 'Racked Records'

Cover art for the album
'The Esophonic Reconnaissances Agency'

Client - Grant Bouvier

Cover art for the album 'Illusions'

Client - Anton Ingvarsson 'PLX records'

Cover art for the EP 'Spheres of Oblivion'

Client - Alexander Ekberg 'Somoah'

Marketing material - Awareness Poster

For the venue INKONST

Vinyl Cover for the Album MYST

Client - Angel 'MindSpring Memories'

Cover art for the radio show 'Basement'

Client - Solina Yassin 'Dj Seduce'

Cover art for 'Fisherman EP'

Client - Fabian Stenberg 'Defusion'

Marketing material for Seger Guitars

Client - Dallas Seger

Cover art for the EP 'Luminary'

Client - Barren Jackson 'ENIC'

Visual identity (header)

Client - Anton Itkin 'Vague Bloom'

Marketing material for The Graph​

Client - Carl Hagerling 'Edge & Node'​

"Sofia is a true artist. She helped me designing marketing material for The Graph and the result was great.
She delivers on time and keeps deadlines. I love her work, it's mega vibrant with a spatial feeling!"